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(A Pastoral Letter of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines)

Our Filipino Brothers and Sisters:

The State values the dignity of every human person and guarantees full respect for human rights (Art. II, Section 11). The State recognizes the sanctity of family life and shall protect and strengthen the family as a basic autonomous social institution. It shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception (Art. II, Section 12).


We begin by citing the Philippine Constitution. We do so because we intend to write you on the basis of the fundamental ideals and aspirations of the Filipino people and not on the basis of specifically Catholic religious teachings.

We are at a crossroads as a nation. Before us are several versions of a proposed bill, the Reproductive Health bill or sanitized as a Responsible Parenthood bill. This proposed bill in all its versions calls us to make a moral choice: to choose life or to choose death.

At the outset we thank the government for affording us an opportunity to express our views in friendly dialogue. Sadly our dialogue has simply revealed how far apart our respective positions are. Therefore, instead of building false hopes, we wish at the present time to draw up clearly what we object to and what we stand for. 

Moral Choices at the Crossroads -- at EDSA I and Now

Twenty five years ago in 1986 we Catholic Bishops made a prophetic moral judgment on political leadership. With this prophetic declaration we believe that we somehow significantly helped open the door for EDSA I and a window of political integrity. 

Today we come to a new national crossroads and we now have to make a similar moral choice. Our President rallied the country with the election cry, “Kung walang corrupt walang mahirap.” As religious leaders we believe that there is a greater form of corruption, namely, moral corruption which s really the root of all corruption. On the present issue, it would be morally corrupt to disregard the moral implications of the RH bill. 

This is our unanimous collective moral judgment: We strongly reject the RH bill.

Commonly Shared Human and Cultural Values – Two Fundamental Principles

Far from being simply a Catholic issue, the RH bill is a major attack on authentic human values and on Filipino cultural values regarding human life that all of us have cherished since time immemorial. 

Simply stated the RH Bill does not respect moral sense that is central to Filipino cultures. It is the product of the spirit of this world, a secularist, materialistic spirit that considers morality as a set of teachings from which one can choose, according to the spirit of the age. Some it accepts, others it does not accept. Unfortunately, we see the subtle spread of this post-modern spirit in our own Filipino society.

Our position stands firmly on two of the core principles commonly shared by all who believe in God: 

(1) Human life is the most sacred physical gift with which God, the author of life, endows a human being. Placing artificial obstacles to prevent human life from being formed and being born most certainly contradicts this fundamental truth of human life. In the light of the widespread influence of the post-modern spirit in our world, we consider this position as nothing less than prophetic. As religious leaders we must proclaim this truth fearlessly in season and out of season. 

(2) It is parents, cooperating with God, who bring children into the world. It is also they who have the primary inalienable right and responsibility to nurture them, care for them, and educate them that they might grow as mature persons according to the will of the Creator. 

What We Specifically Object to in the RH Bill

Advocates contend that the RH bill promotes reproductive health. The RH Bill certainly does not. It does not protect the health of the sacred human life that is being formed or born. The very name “contraceptive” already reveals the anti-life nature of the means that the RH bill promotes. These artificial means are fatal to human life, either preventing it from fruition or actually destroying it. Moreover, scientists have known for a long time that contraceptives may cause cancer. Contraceptives are hazardous to a woman’s health.

Advocates also say that the RH bill will reduce abortion rates. But many scientific analysts themselves wonder why prevalent contraceptive use sometimes raises the abortion rate. In truth, contraceptives provide a false sense of security that takes away the inhibition to sexual activity. Scientists have noted numerous cases of contraceptive failure. Abortion is resorted to, an act that all religious traditions would judge as sinful. “Safe sex” to diminish abortion rate is false propaganda.

Advocates moreover say that the RH bill will prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. This goes against the grain of many available scientific data. In some countries where condom use is prevalent, HIV/ AIDS continues to spread. Condoms provide a false security that strongly entices individuals towards increased sexual activity, increasing likewise the incidence of HIV/AIDS. “Safe sex” to prevent HIV /AIDS is false propaganda.

Advocates also assert that the RH Bill empowers women with ownership of their own bodies. This is in line with the post-modern spirit declaring that women have power over their own bodies without the dictation of any religion. How misguided this so-called “new truth” is! For, indeed, as created by God our bodies are given to us to keep and nourish. We are stewards of our own bodies and we must follow God’s will on this matter according to an informed and right conscience. Such a conscience must certainly be enlightened and guided by religious and moral teachings provided by various religious and cultural traditions regarding the fundamental dignity and worth of human life. 

Advocates also say that the RH bill is necessary to stop overpopulation and to escape from poverty. Our own government statistical office has concluded that there is no overpopulation in the Philippines but only the over-concentration of population in a number of urban centers. Despite other findings to the contrary, we must also consider the findings of a significant group of renowned economic scholars, including economic Nobel laureates, who have found no direct correlation between population and poverty. In fact, many Filipino scholars have concluded that population is not the cause of our poverty. The causes of our poverty are: flawed philosophies of development, misguided economic policies, greed, corruption, social inequities, lack of access to education, poor economic and social services, poor infrastructures, etc. World organizations estimate that in our country more than P400 billion pesos are lost yearly to corruption. The conclusion is unavoidable: for our country to escape from poverty, we have to address the real causes of poverty and not population.

In the light of the above, we express our clear objections:

1. We object to the non-consideration of moral principles, the bedrock of law, in legislative discussions of bills that are intended for the good of individuals and for the common good.

2. We are against the anti-life, anti-natal and contraceptive mentality that is reflected in media and in some proposed legislative bills.

3. We object strongly to efforts at railroading the passage of the RH bill.

4. We denounce the over-all trajectory of the RH bill towards population control.

5. We denounce the use of public funds for contraceptives and sterilization.

6. We condemn compulsory sex education that would effectively let parents abdicate their primary role of educating their own children, especially in an area of life – sexuality – which is a sacred gift of God.

What We Stand For

On this matter of proposed RH bills, these are our firm convictions:

1. We are deeply concerned about the plight of the many poor, especially of suffering women, who are struggling for a better life and who must seek it outside of our country, or have recourse to a livelihood less than decent. 

2. We are pro-life. We must defend human life from the moment of conception or fertilization up to its natural end. 

3. We believe in the responsible and natural regulation of births through Natural Family Planning for which character building is necessary which involves sacrifice, discipline and respect for the dignity of the spouse.

4. We believe that we are only stewards of our own bodies. Responsibility over our own bodies must follow the will of God who speaks to us through conscience. 

5. We hold that on the choices related to the RH bill, conscience must not only be informed but most of all rightly guided through the teachings of one’s faith.

6. We believe in the freedom of religion and the right of conscientious objection in matters that are contrary to one’s faith. The sanctions and penalties embodied in the proposed RH bill are one more reason for us to denounce it.

Our Calls

As religious leaders we have deeply and prayerfully reflected on this burning issue. We have unanimously made the moral judgment – to reject the RH agenda and to choose life. 

1. We call for a fundamental transformation of our attitudes and behavior towards all human life especially the most defenseless, namely, human life being formed or being conceived. The cheapness with which many seem to consider human life is a great bane to our religious-oriented nation.

2. We call upon our legislators to consider the RH bill in the light of the God-given dignity and worth of human life and, therefore, to shelve it completely as contrary to our ideals and aspirations as a people. We thank our legislators who have filed bills to defend human life from the moment of conception and call upon all other legislators to join their ranks.

3. We thank the great multitude of lay people all over the country, and particularly the dedicated groups who made their presence felt in the halls of Congress, to defend and promote our position. We call upon other lay people and adherents of other religions to join the advocacy to defend and promote our commonly shared ideals and aspirations. 

4. We call on our government to address effectively the real causes of poverty such as corruption, lack of social and economic services, lack of access to education and the benefits of development, social inequities.

5. We call for the establishment of more hospitals and clinics in the rural areas, the deployment of more health personnel to provide more access to health services, the building of more schools, the provision of more aid to the poor for education, and the building of more and better infrastructures necessary for development. 

6. We echo the challenge we prophetically uttered 25 years ago at EDSA I and call upon all people of good will who share our conviction: “…let us pray together, reason together, decide together, act together, always to the end that the truth prevail” over the many threats to human life and to our shared human and cultural values. 

We commend our efforts against the RH bill (or the Responsible Parenthood bill – its new name) to the blessing of our almighty and loving God, from whom all life comes and for whom it is destined. 

For the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines.

Bishop of Tandag
President, CBCP
January 30, 2011 
about 3 weeks ago · Report

Reiterating CBCP Position on Family

WITH the introduction of the Reproductive Health Bill 5043, a.k.a. Reproductive Health Bill, in Congress, truth and morality, the value and dignity of life, family and marriage are sadly made to depend on human laws. That is what is implied in the  reproductive Health (RH) Bill presently under discussion in Congress.

It appears that Congress even plans to shorten the discussion in order to have the R.H. Bill passed before the end of October. We hope that the normal process of discussion and interpellation be observed, that the Congressmen who have signified to interpellate on the R.H. Bill be honored and given the opportunity to interpellate. To shorten the period of interpellation would give the impression that the passage of RH Bill is "lutong makaw", not judiciously and sufficiently discussed.

As Catholics and Christians we are against the passage of the RH Bill 5043 of Congress for reasons we have already  enunciated and I now summarize:

1. The Bill dilutes and negates Section III (1) Article XV of the Constitution which provides "The State shall defend the right of spouses to found a family in accordance with their religious conviction and the demands of responsible parenthood." 

2. The Bill seeks to legalize surgical procedures that the Catholic Church has denounced as immoral, except for serious health reasons: tubal ligation, vasectomy and abortion.

3. The Bill requires mandatory reproductive health education from Grade V to Fourth Year High School without  consideration of their sensitivity and moral innocence. The moral law and the Constitution recognize the right of parents to be the primary educators of their children.

4. The Bill recommends having two children only per family as the supposedly ideal family size. There is no 
moral or scientific basis for this recommendation. It puts the State above the family. The natural right of couples to have as many or as few children as possible, pursuant to their understanding of responsible parenthood, is in our view already protected by Section 12, Art. 2 of the Constitution, which recognizes the "sanctity of family life" and protects the life of the mother and of the unborn.

5. The Bill states that those who "maliciously engage in disinformation about the intent of provisions of the bill" shall be punished with imprisonment and/or fine of P10,000 to P50,000. This includes those who will teach contrary to the bill (after it is passed) and speak about its immoral provisions. Such provision is a clear violation of the freedom of speech and of the right to religious conviction. Only totalitarian states have such policies. 

We thus reiterate our categorical and unequivocal opposition to any attempt at controlling the exercise of the God-given rights of human persons to enter into married life, procreate and raise families according to the provisions of the Constitution and their religious convictions.

We appreciate and are grateful to the members of the Legislature who seek to understand the will of the Supreme Lawgiver whose laws are beyond our limited human competence to repeal or amend. We recognize and likewise thank the individuals and groups who support our pro-life, pro-women, pro-marriage and pro-family advocacy. We raise in prayer all their efforts for continued guidance and strength from the Lord and Giver of Life.

For the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines:

Archbishop of Jaro
President, CBCP
September 16, 2009

CEDAW (Convention Against the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women), as adopted by the United Nations in 1979, is known to be the international bill of rights for women. But why do Pro-Family and Pro-Life groups forewarn the faithful against any CEDAW influenced legislative bills? The late Pope John Paul II affirms that there is a need to uphold the rights of women from inhumane and degrading violations against women. However, he also rallied women to stand up and form a new feminism that will promote authentic womanhood as against any ideology that redefines the role of women away from God's plan. 

Atty. Jo Imbong, our co-worker in the pro life movement, explains exhaustively in the attached article, how the CEDAW treaty provisions that highlight gender rights and reproductive health rights (specifically abortion), violate the feminine soul and override God-given laws.

The Feminine Soul by Atty. Jo M. Imbong click here to download pdf file

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From: CFCFFL Home Office <>
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2009 11:06:24 AM
Subject: 36th March for Life

"Our Servant General, Frank Padilla, together with his wife Gerry, participated in the 36th March for Life in Washington DC last January 22. They were joined by over 100 CFC-FFL members from Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey and New York. CFC-FFL is committed to renew the family and to defend life, and is a leading pro-life group in the Philippines, as well as in other countries. Its participation in this march puts CFC-FFL in the mainstream of the worldwide fight for the culture of life.

Following is an article by LifeSiteNews which includes the on-site interview with Frank."  

Contrary to Mainstream Media, Hundreds of Thousands at Giant Washington March For Life
Nellie Gray says larger number this year a reaction to Obama election

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman and Steve Jalsevac

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 23, 2009 ( - Hundreds of thousands of pro-life demonstrators marched through the U.S. capital yesterday, protesting the deaths of almost 50 million unborn children by surgical abortion since the practice was legalized nationwide in 1973.

The March for Life, held on the anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision that struck down state laws nationwide, attracted large groups from around the nation, including Catholic dioceses and parishes, organizations of priests and laity, and various pro-family and pro-life organizations.  Well over half of the participants were under thirty years old, including a very high percentage of adolescents.

March for Life chief organizer Nellie Gray told LifeSiteNews the crowd definitely appeared larger than normal this year. She said there were "definitely over 200,000" participants and noted that one television station reported that there were 300,000 participants in the march. Gray also said the march normally takes about one and a half hours to pass one point, but this year it took over two and a half hours, indicating a large increase in numbers. 

Asked what she attributed the massive attendance Gray responded, "I don't think there is any doubt that it was in reaction to the election and as they started to see the issues in the news they felt compelled to come out."

Senators, congressmen, pro-life leaders and members of various religious traditions addressed the crowd before the march began. The religious leaders included Rabbi Yehuda Levin, Metropolitan Jonah of the Orthodox Church of America, Cardinals Justin Rigali and Sean O'Malley and numerous Catholic bishops.

Luke Robinson, an African-American pastor from Maryland, stirred the crowd with a passionate speech calling on Obama to end the "slaughter of the innocent preborn," especially blacks, who suffer 34% of abortions in comparison to their 12% representation in the population (see LifeSiteNews coverage at

Although the March's speakers made respectful comments about President Barack Obama, whose administration began two days earlier, they called upon him to abandon his extreme pro-abortion beliefs and policies, and to embrace the right to life for all.

Despite the election of Obama, who most pro-life leaders at the march emphasized to LifeSiteNews is the most pro-abortion president in American history, many participants expressed hope for the future, speculating that the new president might repent of his past and convert.  Others expressed deep concern about the consequences if Obama implements the policies he has espoused during his brief political career, both in the United States and in foreign countries.

Frank Padilla, founder of the international pro-family organization Couples for Christ, spoke to LifeSiteNews about the "global attempt to destroy the family, destroy marriage, and destroy life".  In the Philippines, where the group began, pro-life groups are fighting a "reproductive health" bill that would fund and promote the distribution of contraceptives, including those that cause abortion.

He added that there is "very great concern" about the election of Obama, given the influence of the United States on foreign countries.  However, he added, that he believes "at the same time we see that it is a blessing, because people are now much more aware, and we know that we need to educate our people, because we know there are so many Catholics who really don't know what the issues are about."

"So, that should be the blessing, and I think that this will be the start of greater pro-life activism, and work, not just in our country but in many parts of the world."

Fr. Aquinas Glibo, a Dominican priest, was present with numerous young seminarians, under the banner, "Dominicans for Life." 

"I think the pro-life movement in the United States has becoming a rallying point for a lot of young religious," said Fr. Aquinas, who also stated that the Dominican Order is seeing a resurgence of vocations and a stronger spirit of orthodoxy.  He also said that he preaches against abortion in his parish in New York City.

Participants held signs with pro-life slogans, and many sang.  Some held photos of aborted babies.  The Genocide Awareness Project, an organization that shows large photos of aborted children in displays at universities and on roadsides, was present as well, with a chilling display showing the victims of abortion. It also had one of its large Truth trucks along the march route.

PRO-LIFE SUNDAY--Jan. 18, 2009 

by Fr. Joseph Shea
(Fr. Shea is the pastor of Saint Rose of Lima Parish, Simi Valley, in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles ) 

A couple of weeks ago, two of my priest friends and I went to see the new movie, Valkyrie, starring Tom Cruise. The movie presents the true life story about a large-scale conspiracy within the German army to assassinate Adolf Hitler. The heroic German Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg led the coup. The assassination attempt on July 20, 1944, failed because the detonated bomb only injured Adolf Hitler.  Colonel von Stauffenberg and the other conspirators were arrested and executed for treason. Now, of course, they are honored as heroes who tried to stop the madness of Hitler. 

Unbeknownst to most people is that there was another hero living at that very same time who courageously opposed Hitler and his plans. His name was Michael Cardinal von Faulhaber, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Munich from 1917 to his death in 1952. An interesting side note is: the last man that Cardinal von Faulhaber ordained to the priesthood was one Joseph Ratzinger, our present Holy Father.

As you might imagine, the years between 1933 and 1945, when Hitler was in power, were especially difficult for Cardinal von Faulhaber because he courageously chose to speak out against the Nazi regime and its policies, rather than remain quiet out of fear of the Nazis. At every opportunity, he condemned the crimes of the Nazis, risking his life every time he did so. 

His Advent sermons of 1933, delivered in the glorious Cathedral of Munich, drew thousands of Munich citizens--standing room only. They came to listen to the Cardinal fearlessly challenge National Socialism, to assert the rights and freedoms of the Catholic Church and to call for the protection of the Jewish people. 

By the 1940’s, when Hitler’s final solution became clear to all, in response to the atrocities that the Nazis were doing to the Jews, Cardinal von Faulhaber ordered yellow armbands with the Star of David to be placed on all the statues of Christ and Mary throughout his Archdiocese.  Cardinal von Faulhaber’s courageous actions infuriated Hitler and the Nazi leaders, but the Gestapo didn’t dare remove the yellow armbands for fear of a Catholic uprising. 

So Munich , the birthplace of the Nazi movement, became the center of Nazi resistance. And although Dachau was located only 10 miles outside Munich’s city limits, within Munich, Hitler and his policies were weakened severely by the courage of one man who chose to speak out and to act courageously rather than to remain silent. 

What made Cardinal Faulhaber so courageous?  Why would he risk his life for people he did not know, for people who were not considered “worthy of life” because they were Jewish or because they were physically or mentally impaired, or too old and using up too much of the society’s resources, or because they were homosexual, or because they protested too much against Nazism and its evil policies, such as many Catholic priests and Christian ministers did? 

Why?  Because Cardinal Faulhaber had met the Savior Jesus Christ, just as John and Andrew did in today’s Gospel. Cardinal Faulhaber had heard Jesus’ invitation to “come and see” who Jesus was, and that encounter changed his life forever.  From that moment, Cardinal Faulhaber followed Jesus faithfully, never wavering in his dedication to Christ, despite incredible hardship. 

That raises the fundamental question that each one of us needs to answer on this Sunday--dedicated as Pro-Life Sunday because this coming Thursday, January 22nd, marks the 36th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling of Roe vs. Wade. 

Like Andrew and John and Cardinal Faulhaber, will we respond to Jesus’ invitation to be His disciples, to “come and see” who Jesus is, and faithfully follow Jesus in a way that neither our lives will nor our moral positions will ever be the same again? That’s the fundamental and challenging question set before us today. 

I ask this question because we find ourselves in an eerily similar situation as the German people nearly 70 years ago. 

One of the most troubling questions facing the German people after World War II was: how was it possible that a Holocaust of so many innocent people went on without a huge protest.  How was it possible that a great people, such as the Germans, could have been fooled by an evil leader with such a diabolical political agenda? Wasn’t Germany the country that produced Frederick the Great, the philosopher-king?  Wasn’t Germany , in the late 1800’s, arguably the most enlightened and free nation in Europe ?  What happened that caused the majority of people to get confused, deceived or intimidated? Let me explain. 

If you remember, Germany was on the losing side of World War I and the German people had to pay very costly war reparations.  The conditions of the Treaty of Versailles bankrupted Germany , and Germany ’s economy went into a freefall. The German currency of the time, the Reichsmark, was worth less than the paper it was printed on.  Hyperinflation was so great that it was cheaper to burn money than firewood. 

Hitler came to power in the midst of this incredibly difficult time. He promised the German people that he would revive the German economy, that he would reestablish order to a society falling in disarray, that he would give the German people a renewed sense of pride, and that he would save Germany .  It sounded great to a nation that had been beaten down. 

The problem was how Hitler planned to “save” Germany .  His plan was based on very evil principles: the killing of the innocent; the genocide of neighboring people and the plundering of nearby nations; a systematic eugenic movement to eliminate the Jews, the handicapped, the infirmed, the aged, homosexuals, and any dissenting voice--all in the name of progress--all in the name of creating a “master race”--a utopian society that would last, not for 1000 years, but for 10,000 years. 

How could so many Germans, especially German Christians, have supported Hitler? Because some of them viewed their economic prosperity, their comfort, the strengthening of their public institutions and army, and the pride of a restored nation as more important than certain groups of people.  And others because they became part of the conspiracy of silence.  They were confused, deceived or intimidated.  And the terrible Holocaust happened--over 10 million people were executed. 

Today, we find ourselves facing a similar, but even more horrible Holocaust of innocent people. I say more horrible because over 36 million innocent people--the most innocent and defenseless of all--babies--have been aborted since the Supreme Court ruling of Roe vs. Wade in 1973. 

But the horror of the Holocaust doesn’t stop there.  This Holocaust also includes the manipulation of stem cells harvested through abortions and the termination of life of our elderly through euthanasia solely for the purpose of a national agenda of convenience, economic prosperity and creating another “master race” of people who will never get sick, who will be as beautiful as the models and movie stars we see on TV, in the movies or the Internet, or who will be the brightest and most talented in the world--another Albert Einstein or another Michael Jordan--a super race. 

And why is this happening?  Because some people in this nation really do believe that the end justifies the means. They believe that the evil means of abortion, euthanasia and some genetic engineering justify the good end of a better nation and society, better health and a more  convenient life. 

But also this present day Holocaust is happening because the majority of people have become part of a conspiracy of silence. They have been confused, deceived or intimidated. 

Hitler tried to intimidate Cardinal Faulhaber and many others into silence during the first Holocaust.  The secular world tries to do the same today with this Holocaust. 

Edmund Burke expressed it best in a quote from his essay Thoughts on the Cause of Present Discontents: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” 

That’s why we must answer the question that the Gospel reading lays before us today: Will we be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ? 

You see, brothers and sisters, Jesus is very clear about what His followers should do in the face of the evil of this modern day Holocaust of abortion and euthanasia. 

I was listening to a CD of a retreat that Fr. Benedict Groeschel recently gave to priests. Fr. Groeschel told a story about a prominent New York celebrity who approached Mother Teresa and asked her, “Mother Teresa, what is your view about abortion?” Mother Teresa stared at him, like Daniel Boone drawing a bead on a poor raccoon in a tree, and replied, “What do you think Jesus thinks about abortion?” Utter silence. 

Jesus is very clear about abortion and euthanasia. There is no confusion and no ambiguity.  Abortion and euthanasia are murder.  The only ones who are confused, ambiguous, and deceived are unbelievers and fair weather Catholics. 

Fair-weather Catholics are gung-ho followers of Jesus when it comes to the light, easy, cheerful teachings of the Gospel.  But when it involves the challenging, moral dictates that Jesus teaches, they stumble over their euphemisms, excuses, their doublespeak, and their rationalizations. 

You’ve heard them: “I am personally opposed to abortion, but I believe that a woman has the right to choose.” 

I wonder: would those same people say, “I’m personally against stealing, but I believe that a person has the right to steal my car?”  No way!  Isn’t amazing how people wouldn’t accept that rationalization with any other Commandment.  It’s just with the 5th commandment and the issue of abortion and euthanasia. 

Jesus is very clear about His teaching on abortion and euthanasia.  There is no confusion, no ambiguity.  It is only unbelievers and fair weather Catholics. 

But there is still the majority of Catholics out there who are good and trying to be faithful, but, who have been intimidated or confused into silence.  I urge you not to be afraid.  We Catholics make up ¼ of the population of America . If we stood together as dedicated disciples of Jesus Christ and Catholics faithful to Christ’s teachings, we would change the entire moral fabric, fiber and direction of our country. 

And we need to stand up. We need to speak out for all those unborn or elderly citizens who have lost their voice in our sleek, chic, sophisticated world. I will tell you why. 

President-elect Barack Obama has stated publicly that the one of the first things he will do when he gets into office is to the sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). 

For those who do not know, the Freedom of Choice Act currently before the Congress, which Barack Obama sponsored as a Senator, will roll back all the restriction on abortion that the majority of Americans want and have voted in during the past 36 years.  FOCA will invalidate for the entire country all restrictions on abortion including parental notifications, waiting periods, and partial birth abortions, yes--the brutal killing of 9-month old fetuses while they are in the birth canal, ready to be born. 

FOCA also will attempt to force Catholic hospitals to adopt these evil measures. 

Thank God, Cardinal George of Chicago, the president of the National Council of Bishops, has told President-elect Obama and his team that, if FOCA is signed into law, the Catholic Church will close their Catholic hospitals rather than participate in evil.  By the way, Catholic hospitals make up one third of all hospitals in the nation. 

Do you know what President–elect Obama’s team said to Cardinal George?  “That’s OK!  We’ll just buy your hospitals.”  To which Cardinal George replied, “You didn’t hear me! I said that we will close our hospitals. You will have to build your own!”  Good for him and all the Cardinals and Bishops standing with him!  They are the new Cardinal Faulhabers, standing up against evil! 

Brothers and sister, our Cardinal Roger Mahony has urged all of us in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to get involved with a postcard campaign to turn back this terrible legislative act.  As your pastor, I also strongly urge you to stand up and speak out. 

After communion, the ushers will pass out postcards, already addressed to our Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein, and to our Congressman Elton Gallegly.  I would ask you to take the time to sign them and then to drop them into the baskets at each Church door. I will put the postage on them and mail them for you. 

Hitler wanted the Church to remain silent in the face of all the atrocities of the first Holocaust, all in the name of progress and pride of a nation.  Fortunately, a small group of great Christians, such as Cardinal Faulhaber, Dietrich Bonhoffer, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg and others stood up and shouted in defiance.  Ultimately, their voices were heard, but not before 10 million innocent people lost their lives in the Holocaust. 

Many in our government, in our nation, and sadly, even some in our Church today, want the Church to be silent about this new Holocaust.  Many want the Church to not get involved in politics--all in the name of economic prosperity, comfort, convenience, progress and pride of our nation.  Many say that the Church shouldn’t say anything because there is a separation of Church and State. 

I’ll tell you what: The Church and I won’t speak to or about politics if the government will stay out of our beloved Church and the Gospel.  Once the government comes across that boundary, we will speak, and speak loudly. 

Brothers and sisters, don’t be intimidated, confused or deceived.  Jesus is very clear what He wants us his faithful disciples to do. Let’s act with courage and faith. 

If we don’t, we will rue the day, as the German people still do now about the first Holocaust.  If we don’t stand up and speak out, then we will stand condemned by future generations, and maybe even before God, because we failed to heed Edmond Burke’s admonition: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do and say nothing.”

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From: Maria Isabel Fara Descallar <>
To: cfcffl-fulltime <>;
Sent: Friday, January 16, 2009 9:28:25 PM
Subject: World Meeting of Families- Mexico

Dear brothers and sisters,
I am forwarding below, a number of pro-family and life excerpts that Zenit had highlighted, from the talks delivered at the World Meeting of Families, in Mexico, that is underway until Sunday, January 18. This major Church event was organized by the Pontifical Council for the Family, where our Servant General, Frank Padilla and his beloved Gerry Padilla, are members. Frank was also asked to deliver an intervention in one of its forums.
Bishop Soc Villegas is also one of the speakers of this event.
We take these articles below as an affirmation of how the Pontifical Council for the Family takes to heart the exhortations on the family by Pope John Paul II: "as a sanctuary of life; and that the future of humanity passes by way of the family".
Thus, CFCFFL's identity and mission is also being confirmed: "Renewing the Family and Defending Life".
May Christ's grace and mercy be upon us, as we do our mission.
Sex Education Best Kept at Home
Bioethicist Presents Chastity as Love's Defender
MEXICO CITY, JAN. 15, 2009 ( Sex education is chastity education -- and these are lessons best taught in the family, said an expert at the 6th World Meeting of Families.
talian Doctor María Luisa Di Pietro, associate bioethics professor at Rome's Sacred Heart University and president of the Science and Life Association, affirmed this during her address today to some 10,000 participants in the family meeting theological congress.
The family, she said, creates a "favorable climate" for sex education in a "culture strongly conditioned by the effects of the far-reaching wave of the sexual revolution."
Above all, Di Pietro contended, there is a need to "clarify the concept of chastity." She called this virtue a "spiritual energy, which knows how to defend love from the dangers of egotism and aggressiveness, and knows now to promote it toward its total fulfillment."
"The reduction of sexuality to the merely instinctual dimension has favored, moreover, in its most extreme and lowest manifestations, the spread of pornography and sexual violence," she said. Thus, the professor contended, it is urgent for families to take on the primary role that they have in the affective and moral formation of their children.
"The haste to skip steps is making the affective maturing of kids ever more difficult and is even putting their health at risk," she cautioned.
According to Di Pietro, sex education "should have as a principal objective that of motivating and indicating how to reach big goals, [including] strengthening of the 'I,' self-esteem, the sense of one's own dignity, the capacity to possess and control oneself, openness to plan, coherence, and interior balance, the acquisition of full attention to the values of procreation, life and the family."
She added: "A true formation directed toward the education of the will, the sentiments and the emotions is necessary.

"To know oneself means having one more reason to serenely accept the reality of man and woman, and to demand greater respect for oneself and for the others."

Thus, said the bioethicist, parents "have the moral obligation to educate the person in his masculinity or femininity, in his affective and relational dimension: to educate in sexuality as a gift of self in love, that true love that knows how to protect life."
Di Pietro suggested that the two pillars for a love-based education are the concept one has of the person and the human project that is being endeavored.
"If the truth of man is rejected -- love for the truth -- there is the risk of endangering precisely the educative task," she said. "If freedom is not introduced and rooted in an integral truth of the person, it can lead man to behaviors and choices that reduce him, or it can become an instrument of deliberate neglect and pure will or lead to attitudes of resignation and dangerous skepticism."
Thus, Di Pietro affirmed, there is a simultaneous need for education in affectivity and education in the moral sense, or in other words "education for freedom."
"The person is formed," she said, "only when he is capable of responding to the question of what kind of person I should be. The commitment should be, then, that of helping the subject to grow as a virtuous person, that is, to acquire a permanent possibility for doing the good and for doing it well."
Parents should be aware, Di Pietro stated, that the duty to give a moral education is "inalienable" -- and can neither be entirely delegated nor entirely usurped.
"In fact," she concluded, "to fail to give children a family environment that can permit an adequate formation in love and chastity, means to fail in a strict duty."

No Anathemas for the Media
But Discernment Is Crucial, Says Communicator

MEXICO CITY, JAN. 15, 2009 ( Are you as oblivious as Humpty Dumpty when it comes to the media, naively considering yourself a critical thinker when in actuality, you meekly swallow the preaching of today's opinion-makers?
This was the question posed by Dr. González Gaitano, dean of the faculty of institutional communication of Rome's Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, in an address he gave today at the 6th World Meeting of Families. The world meeting, under way through Sunday in Mexico City, has gathered some 10,000 participants, including today Mexico's First Lady, Margarita Zavala.
In his address about the need for discernment in the use of media, González Gaitano developed what he calls the "whole enchilada" of the media, formed by technology, its content and culture.
He reflected on how media's progress through the centuries has generated both a cultural gain and loss.
"For example," he said, "the printing press expanded reading to all social groups and made universal compulsory education possible, but this in turn overshadowed oral culture with its enormous riches. Television changed the way of imagining, learning and reasoning in the audiovisual generation, as the Internet is changing media consumption habits and the mental circuitry of the digital generation."
Subsequently, González Gaitano went deeper into the content to which children and young people are exposed through the media, which he called an educational challenge for the family. 
Violent content promotes violent actions, he said, citing numerous studies. "The same is true for TV programs with sexual content," the pontifical university dean affirmed. 
What is worrisome is not limited to what is shown but "how it is presented," he said, noting a study that showed 80% of adolescent programming included sexual content. The media's presentation of reality, González Gaitano suggested, is like a set of crazy mirrors in front of a deranged society. He explained that this phenomenon leads to cognitive and psychological social effects.
He first described the Jabberwocky Syndrome. "The media gives us a fragmented or partial vision that is often contradictory and always a kaleidoscopic vision of the world and of man." This, he said, causes cultural uprooting with regard to moral reasoning and behavior. 
Instead, the professor invited the media to present "in such a way that what is good 'seems' good and what is bad 'seems' bad" without creating confusion in the moral realm.
González Gaitano also commented on the Humpty Dumpty Syndrome, or the generation of the functionally illiterate. Like Humpty Dumpty, the egg who was oblivious to his fragility, people are impoverished in their capacity to grasp reality due to the effects of media. At the same time, there is the phenomenon of "disinformation." In the end, there is an overwhelming lack of criteria for processing information, he said.
The professor continued to explain how the creation of public opinion has become the responsibility of so-called opinion makers who "impart from the pulpits of their newspaper columns or radio/television talk shows a new creed that public opinion absorbs meekly while still thinking they are critical."
The expert then wondered if the media could bring us a happy world. He answered with a phrase of Einstein: "The problem is not the atomic bomb, the problem is the heart of man."

What Would Make Society Fall
Social Scientist Explains World's Total Dependence on Families

MEXICO CITY, JAN. 15, 2009 ( There are certain virtues that keep society working, things like honesty and participation -- and without families, those virtues would cease to exist.
Doctor Pierpaolo Donati, a member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, today at the 6th World Meeting of Families, contended that society utterly depends on families for the virtues it needs to continue existing.
The World Meeting of Families, which has brought together some 10,000 people for the pastoral-theological congress, is under way through Sunday in Mexico City.
Donati's address today considered if the family is a source of social vices or virtues.
He centered his discourse on an analysis of the important role of the family in social well-being and the formation of virtuous citizens.
In the first half of the conference, Donati reviewed the social virtues that depend on the family, such as participation, disinterested relationships, and honesty. 
These virtues are themselves a justification of the necessity for social and civil organizations to offer their support to the family, so that families can give society the "additional social value" that can only be developed within them, he contended.
"The family does not have a working substitute for generating social virtues," Donati emphasized. 
More than friends
The social scientist went on to explain his view that familial relationships are different than friendship because they imply a relationship of interdependence (complementarity and reciprocity), which generates specific virtues linked to an unconditional reciprocal belonging.
When a friendship is betrayed, he clarified, it's legitimate to end it. But given that in the family, the spousal and fraternal bond cannot be cancelled, the people who are in these relationships must more easily come to forgive, at least potentially, which is the social virtue on which peace rests.
"The social value produced together with this by the family cannot be generated outside of families," he reiterated. "The family produces a unique and irreplaceable social capital."
"As much as the meaning of the term 'family' can vary from one culture to another, universally it is recognized that to 'make a family' means to get married and have children," he said, adding that it is in this unique family environment that the irreplaceable social capital is developed.
"The future of humanity is linked to the factor of the family being recognized as a generator of social virtues," Donati concluded.
"When the opposite happens, it means that our path has turned toward a new barbarism. To avoid barbarism, it is necessary that the corporal virtues of the family are connected with its natural virtues."

Clarification of Statement on Homosexuality
"Desire Cannot Be the Foundation for the Law"

MEXICO CITY, JAN. 15, 2009 ( Here is a translation of a press statement released today by Monsignor Carlos Simón Vazquez, subsecretary of the Pontifical Council for the Family.
* * *
Various interpretations have been made regarding the reference Cardinal Ennio Antonelli, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, made in his words at the opening of the Theological-Pastoral Congress of Mexico. The cardinal wanted to underline three important aspects:
1. Homosexuality is not a necessary component of society, as is the family. Society is organized around the relationship of the couple that is formed by a man and a woman. They find each other in conjugal life and in family life. In this sense, the couple and the family enter into the sphere of social life, and because of this, of civil law. The relationship between two persons of the same sex is not the same as the relationship of a couple that is based on the sexual difference. These two situations depend on structures that are not of the same nature. The homosexual relationship does not enter into this social sphere. It is, as such, a private question. Legislators make an anthropological error when they want to socially organize homosexuality. They run the risk of provoking an intellectual confusion, as well as confusion of identity and relationships. It should not be forgotten that confusion frequently favors insecurity, unstable relationships and violence, when legislators don't respect the fundamental sense of human relationships. The family is a common good of humanity that is not at the free disposition of legislators to respond to the subjective and problematic demands of today. The individual desire cannot be the foundation for the law. Here we find ourselves in the presence of a confusion between the law, which is of the public domain, and the desire, which is subjective.
2. Affirming that homosexuality is a private fact, the president of the Pontifical Council of the Family is not justifying it. The cardinal simply underlined that homosexuality does not contribute favorably to the organization of individuals and of society. The exercise of homosexuality does not reflect the truth of friendship. Friendship is inherent to the human condition in that it offers relationships of proximity, help and cooperation, in a courteous and amiable climate. Friendship should be lived chastely.
3. The Church maintains its preoccupation of welcoming and accompanying homosexual persons. Every person that has difficulties to live their sexuality properly is called to find Christ and to live, consequently, in accord with the demands of liberty and responsibility of faith, hope and charity. On the other hand, it is contrary to the truth of the human identity and the design of God to live a homosexual experience, a relationship of this type, and even more to attempt to demand same-sex marriage. It is contrary to the true interests of the persons and of the needs of society. It constitutes a transgression of the sense of love as God has revealed to us through the message of Christ, of which the Church is a servant, as an expression of love toward the men and women of our time.
[Translation by ZENIT]

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Subject: Fwd: FW: EWTN Pro-Life Programming Schedules

Our sister Lorna Evidente proposed to promote the EWTN Pro-Life Programming Schedule. We are encouraging all to look into the attached materials and tune into the EWTN channels as part of our continuing education for the work of Pro Life. May Our Lord bless every effort that we make to cultivate the culture of life in our family and community. 

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Subject: EWTN Pro-Life Programming Schedules

Dear Family in Life,


Joyful greetings!


Attached herewith is EWTN's program schedule for its pro-life episodes this January 2009.


Please feel free to share this information with your friends and relatives. EWTN programming is in English and accessible via cable TV and the Internet. 


May God bless your generosity a thousand fold in the same manner that HE multiplied the five loaves of bread to feed a multitude of 5,000 people.


Let us know how else we can be of assistance in your pro-life activities.


In Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,


Edwin Lopez
International Marketing Manager
Asia Pacific
EWTN Global Catholic Network

EWTN PROLIFE EPISODE click here to download .PDF file

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Subject: Re: Pastoral Letter from the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines on HB 5043

Our beloved Philippine Bishops gathered last Friday, November 14, 2008, in order to come out with a united position on the pending Congressional House Bill 5043, known as 


The Pastoral Letter of our Bishops affirms our position as a community in CFCFFL on the said bill.
May Our Lord's sovereignty fall upon us all, as we heed our Legilslators to create laws that will only promote life and the common good, as intended by the Author of Life, Our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 2:23 AM, Melvin Castro <> wrote:

Standing up for the Gospel of Life

CBCP Pastoral Statement on Reproductive Health Bill
"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full" (John 10:10).
Human life is sacred because from its beginning it involves the creative power of God (CCC 2258). The Church carries out the mandate of the Lord to go and proclaim to all the nations the Gospel of Life. The protection and preservation of human life and the preservation of the integrity of the procreative act of parents are important elements of our mission from the Lord. It is our fidelity to the Gospel of Life and our pastoral charity for the poor that leads us your pastors to make this moral stand regarding Reproductive Health Bill 5043 that is the object of deliberation in Congress.
The Bill makes a number of good points.
Some of the issues that it includes under reproductive health care, for instance, are the kind of things no humane institution would have any reason to oppose—maternal, infant and child health and nutrition, promotion of breastfeeding, adolescent and youth health, elimination of violence against women, etc.; but the Bill as it stands now contains fatal flaws which if not corrected will make the Bill unacceptable. It is our collective discernment that the Bill in its present form poses a serious threat to life of infants in the womb. It is a source of danger for the stability of the family. It places the dignity of womanhood at great risk.
The Church has always concerned itself with the poor.
It has innumerable institutions and programs meant to help the poor. Our objection to this Bill is precisely due to our concern that in the long run this Bill will not uplift the poor. "The increase or decrease of population growth does not by itself spell development or underdevelopment". (CBCP Statement, July 10, 1990)
Even as we recognize the right of the government to enact laws, we also reiterate that there must be no separation between God and Man. We appeal to our legislators to state in the Bill in clear categorical terms that human life from the moment of conception is sacred. We appeal to our legislators to insure that the Bill recognize, preserve and safeguard freedom of conscience and religion. The Bill must inspire parents not only to be responsible but to be heroic in their God-given and State-recognized duty of parenting. Without these conditions, the Bill if enacted into law will separate our nation from Almighty God.
Sacredness of Life from Conception.
The current version of the Bill does not define clearly when the protection of life begins. Although it mentions that abortion is a crime it does not state explicitly that human life is to be protected upon conception as stated in the Constitution. This ambiguity can provide a loophole for contraceptives that prevent the implantation of the fertilized ovum. The prevention of implantation of the fertilized ovum is abortion. We cannot prevent overt abortions by doing hidden abortions. It is a fallacy to think that abortions can be prevented by promoting contraception. Contraception is intrinsically evil (CCC 2370, Humanae Vitae, 14).
Even in the case of doubt as to the precise moment of the beginning of human life, the mere probability that the fertilized ovum is already a human life renders it imperative that it be accorded the rights of a human person, the most basic of which is the right to life (Evangelium Vitae, #60; cfr. Declaration on Procured Abortion, Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, November 18, 1974). When there is doubt whether a human life is involved, it is immoral to kill it. This is not just specifically Catholic Church teaching but simply natural law ethics.
Freedom of Conscience.
By mandating only one Reproductive Health Education Curriculum for public and private schools, the Bill could violate the consciences of educators who refuse to teach forms of family planning that violate their religious traditions. This provision also could violate the rights of parents to determine the education of their children if the proposed curriculum would contradict their religious beliefs.
The Bill mandates that employers should ensure the provision of an adequate quantity of reproductive health care services, supplies and devices for their employees. This provision could be a violation of the conscience of employers who do not wish to provide artificial means of contraception to their employees because of religious reasons.
The Bill's provision that penalizes malicious disinformation against the intention and provisions of the Bill (without defining what malicious disinformation is) could restrict freedom of speech by discouraging legitimate dissent and hinder our mandate to teach morality according to our Catholic faith. The Bill does not mention any consultation with religious groups or churches which could be interpreted to mean that religious and moral beliefs of citizens are not significant factors in the formation of policies and programs involving reproductive health.
Heroic Parenting.
Family health goes beyond a demographic target because it is principally about health and human rights. Gender equality and women empowerment are central elements of family health and family development. Since human resource is the principal asset of every country, effective family health care services must be given primacy to ensure the birth and care of healthy children and to promote responsible and heroic parenting. Respect for, protection and fulfillment of family health rights seek to promote not only the rights and welfare of adult individuals and couples but those of adolescents' and children's as well.
We admonish those who are promoting the Bill to consider these matters. It is the duty of every Catholic faithful to form and conform their consciences to the moral teaching of the Church. We call for a more widespread dialogue on this Bill.
As your Pastors we speak to you in the name of the Lord: Choose life and preserve it. Stand up for the Gospel of Life!
May Mary, Mother of Life, who carried in her womb Life Himself, guide us to the Truth of Life.
For the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines
Archbishop of Jaro
President, CBCP
November 14, 2008

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Subject: CFC-USA Statement of Opposition to HB5043

(Affiliated with Couples for Christ - Foundation for Family & Life)
Couples for Christ – USA, through its National Council, and affiliated with Couples for Christ - Foundation for Family & Life, hereby releases this official position of our ecclesial community here in the U.S., in declaring a strong opposition to the Philippine Legislators' pending House Bill No. 5043 or known by its title:    
We, the members of Couples for Christ – USA, standing squarely with our brethren in Couples for Christ – FFL in the Philippines and throughout the world, hereby vigorously object to proponents of HB 5043 who are pressing to have this bill pass into law in our beloved Philippines.  We are appalled at the scope and extent of HB 5043 that goes against the very core of who we are as a people with our long-standing identity as the most Christian nation in Asia.  We shudder to think that this bill, if passed as law, will have far- reaching negative implications on the moral fiber of the Filipino people, not only on the basic unit of Philippine society, the family, but also in corrupting the morality of Filipino youth – the hope of the Fatherland.  And so we, as Couples for Christ – USA, affiliated with CFC-FFL, hereby declare the following: 
  • We reject HB 5043’s plan to limit the number of dependent children for each family from four (4) to two (2) because it maliciously tampers with the God-given size intended for each family through enactment of man-made tax disincentive policies that result in coercion of the Filipino people. 
  • We reject the proposal to redefine when life begins in the womb – from conception to implantation – because it is not only in error biologically but is also deceptive in its intention to create a window for allowing abortion through the so-called “morning after pill”.  
  • We reject the labeling of contraceptives as essential medicines because they do not save lives or bring about a cure; and furthermore it is wrong to regard pregnancy as a disease that needs to be prevented or terminated.
  • We reject the proposal to make illegal any act of speaking against HB 5043 punishable by fines and/or imprisonment because it violates human constitutional and religious expression rights as well as the right to assemble and the right of free speech – which is the same right that the proponents of this bill used to advance this bill in Congress.
  • We reject equating the malevolent concept of Family Planning with Responsible Parenthood for it deceptively impresses on parents that it is morally acceptable and beneficial to limit their number of children through contraception and/or surgical means.
  • We reject the proposed Reproductive Health Program for we see it as a mere pretext for profitability of drug companies selling contraceptives and abortifacients which threaten the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of women and hold in the balance the life of the unborn.
  • We reject government-sponsored sex education that may be imposed upon our young children because its secular and clinical approach could result in further fanning of the fires of curiosity and experimentation by the young devoid of guilt unlike timely Christian education that teaches the role of sexuality in its proper context in marriage.
It was not too long ago before WW II when the United States of America had a strong moral fiber as a nation built from strong God-fearing families with conservative and traditional Christian moral values.  How quickly that changed when the pill was first approved for contraceptive use in the U.S. in 1960, and became quickly a very popular form of birth control.  The pill is currently used by almost 12 million women in the U.S. and by more than 100 million women worldwide.  From that narrow crack in the window of liberalism, the U.S. next allowed abortion rights in 1973 through Roe v. Wade which has killed an average of 1.15 million unborn babies every year totaling about 40 million lives lost since the landmark Supreme Court decision.  Now the U.S. with its permissive liberal population in big cities has already began to approve in certain states same-sex marriage, assisted suicide, state-sponsored sex education of young children, and are threatening to pass other over-the-top legislation such as embryonic stem cell research and euthanasia.     
Let us learn from the mistakes of the United States as well as other first-world countries that are now experiencing the ill effects of widespread and aggressive contraception and sterilization among both sexes and the merciless killing of babies in their mother’s womb which we believe spawned the sexual revolution, hard core pornography, the break-up of families, and the current deterioration of American society.
LET US PRAY, that our legislators may see the light and be guided by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit in protecting and defending the life of the unborn, that in turn strengthens the bonds of the family, and strengthens the Philippine society.  Our Lady of Guadalupe, heavy with the Baby Jesus in your womb, pray for us and our beloved country, the Philippines, in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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Subject: CFC-FFL's Statement on the SWS Survey Showing Public Acceptance of HB 5043

The truth is not always the same as the majority decision. (John Paul II)
Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. (Phil 4:8)

 CFC-FFL's Statement on the SWS Survey Showing Public Acceptance of HB 5043
The Social Weather Station (SWS) recently publicized the results of its survey on the pending Reproductive Health Rights Bill (HB 5043). The results conveyed the message that an overwhelming majority of the population favors the passage of HB 5043.
As will be shown below, however, the results are unreliable, misleading and inaccurate. First, the questions were framed in a way that respondents were practically led to the desired answers. Second, the questions withheld certain critical information (e.g., that some contraceptives are abortifacient and harmful to women; that people could go to jail for expressing an opinion against the Bill or for failing in good faith to comply with its mandatory provisions; that children as young as 10 years old would be taught the way to a safe and satisfying sex life, etc.) that could have swayed respondents to answer differently. Third, only a handful of respondents 1,500 adults, divided into random samples of 300 each for Metro Manila, Visayas and Mindanao, and 600 for Luzon, participated in the survey. Last, surveys have time and again been discredited in the United States where the concept originated, because of their unreliability.
76% Want Family Planning Education in Public Schools
71% Favor Passage of the Reproductive Health Bill
A discerning reader knows that survey results are not gospel truths, aware that such results are vulnerable to manipulation. The neutrality of the questions asked and the disclosure of pivotal information are hallmarks of a survey conducted in the pursuit of truth and justice. These indicators of fairness and objectivity are wanting in the SWS survey, prompting readers to criticize the results and accuse SWS of blatant partiality. These critics believed that the survey questions, which can be seen through this link, were generally ambiguous and skewed to attract support for the Bill. The manner by which the questions were crafted is opposed to what SWS, as an organization, professes in its "Statement of Strategy": Quot homines tot sententiae: Respect For Diversity.
It is disheartening to see how SWS, in the conduct of this particular survey, veered away from its professed "Objectives of Strategy", as an organization: 

Education: So eyes may see social conditions
Conscientization: So hearts may feel social problems
Analysis: So minds may understand their solutions
The survey questions ignored the diversity of opinions expressed on the Bill, and failed to educate or form the conscience of the public towards an understanding of the intricacies involved in the various issues. Instead, they succeeded only in misleading the public and advancing the interest of the group that sponsored the survey. Moreover, the questions were bereft of factual inferences, preventing the people's hearts to feel the social problems. How could minds understand their solutions when the survey was prejudiced? It did not have room for opposite views, depriving the public of the opportunity to discern the best option possible.
On the Pursuit of Truth and Justice
SWS Question:
Ang "Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2007" ay isang panukalang batas sa mabababang kapulungan ng kongreso na magbibigay ng katungkulan sa gobyerno na magtaguyod ng programa ukol sa responsableng pagpapamilya o responsible parenthood sa pamamagitan ng sapat na impormasyon sa publiko at pagkakaroon ng mga ligtas, legal, mura at de-kalidad na serbisyong pang-reproductive health sa mga taong may gusto nito. Kayo ba ay pabor o hindi pabor sa panukalang batas na ito? 
CFC-FFL Position:
This question wrongly assumes that the respondent knows the details of the Bill, particularly its controversial provisions. By being silent on these objectionable features, the question creates the impression that the Bill is only about having a policy on responsible parenthood and reproductive health services. Unless he is told about the dangers of the Bill, a respondent will likely give a positive answer to the question. Here lies the manipulation.
How can responsible parenthood be enabled when part of the Bill states that it will not be necessary for spousal consent when seeking vasectomy or ligation? Or when parental consent is not necessary in administering reproductive health interventions for minors? Unfortunately, these legitimate issues were excluded from the questions.
How can enough information be applied when no one among the proponents of the Bill has ever stated the harmful side-effects of the contraceptives? There seems to be no intention for full disclosure to the public of these harmful side-effects. Would they be willing to include in the labels of the contraceptive drugs or devices, a warning violator, much like in the labels of cigarettes: "The use of contraceptives is dangerous to your health."? The survey took advantage of the ignorance of the public on the specific provisions of the Bill to achieve its desired results.
Other SWS Questions:
In the survey reportedly commissioned by the Forum for Family Planning and Development, SWS asked the following questions:
1)   "The usage of legal contraceptives like condoms, IUDs and pills can also be considered as abortion. Agree or disagree?" 
2)   "There should be a law that requires gov't to distribute legal contraceptives like condoms, IUDs, and pills to people who want to avail of them. Agree or Disagree?"  
CFC-FFL Position:
The first question is flawed for two reasons: First, by cleverly putting condoms in the same category as IUDs and pills, the question forces the respondent to agree to the question because of his common understanding that condoms cannot be considered as an abortion. Second, by not explaining the relationship between conception and IUDs/pills, the question subliminally conveys the message that IUDs and pills are safe and are not abortifacient. Third, the manipulative nature of the question is apparent from the use of the term "legal contraceptives", which was an ingenious way to create the false promise that "abortion" is not contemplated in the Bill. Or is it the question trying to say that if contraceptives are legalized, then no one can claim that contraceptives can cause abortion because abortion is illegal? Or can abortion be legitimized when the contraceptives are legalized?  What is this question trying to drive at?
The second question is as defective as the first, since it fails to warn the respondents that they  as taxpayers  will pay for the costs of buying the contraceptives that will be given free to those who will ask for these contraceptives. 
SWS Question:
3)  "If family planning would be included in their curriculum the youth would be sexually promiscuous.  Agree or disagree?"
CFC-FFL Position:
We see the question as flawed. Sheer logic will show that there is no connection between family planning and sexual promiscuity. So the subliminal message to the respondent is: "How could a family planning curriculum for the youth lead to their sexual promiscuity?" 
What we oppose is a Mandatory State Sex Education for seven (7) years (beginning from Grade 5) that has no moral and ethical moorings or foundation.. We are purposefully against the State teaching our children about this intimate topic of human sexuality, especially because it will be linked to the use of contraceptive drugs and devices, which is morally wrong and violates the Constitutional mandate that the rearing of children is the primary obligation of parents. Sexual promiscuity may be a result of a morally devoid sex education program, when the children will not be guided with virtues and catechetical formation on this sensitive aspect of their being.
The results of the SWS Survey showing a favorable vote for the passage of HB 5043 is not credible and should not be a basis to shape the opinions of the lawmakers nor the public. The survey's method is flawed, unreliable and distorted, and cannot be an acceptable gauge for measuring public sentiment, let alone serve the interest of truth and justice.
On the practice of conducting surveys, matters of morals are absolute truths and therefore not subject to popularity acceptance or rejection. Many sections in this Bill violate moral principles and therefore are non-negotiable. 
Therefore, CFC-FFL continues to reject HB 5043 and specially the SWS Survey pronouncing a clamor for the passage of the bill.

Couples for Christ Foundation, Inc.
Renewing the Family and Defending Life

We are an evangelistic and missionary community committed to become families empowered by the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth.

We strive for holiness of life, as we commit to renew the temporal order through our work with the poor, our work for justice, and our work for life.

We are a servant of the Church, working to renew her children through every generation and throughout the world, until the Lord returns once again.

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Sent: Sunday, October 26, 2008 10:00:01 PM
Subject: CFC-FFL perspective on the recent media blitz regarding the 14 Ateneo professors who proclaimed that the 'RH bill adheres to Catholic social teaching' 

The media seems to be promoting ostensibly this position paper written by 14 Professors of the Ateneo de Manila University to invoke their authority as specialists on the Social Teachings of the Church, more so as members of the Academe of an esteemed Catholic University.
For the guidance of CFCFFL brethren, here are the facts:

1)  Fr. Bienvenido Nebres, President of the Ateneo de Manila University, issued a disclaimer to quote as follows : 
He clarified that "Ateneo de Manila has not authorized anyone to represent the university at the discussions in Congress, media or elsewhere."
He reiterated the university's position and its unqualified support of the Church's stand on the issue.
"As in all matters that are connected with faith and morals, the Ateneo de Manila, as a Jesuit and Catholic University, stands with the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines and the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus," said Nebres. 
2)  The 14 Ateneo Professors argued that the HB 5043 - by providing universal access to medically-safe, legal, affordable, and quality reproductive health services  will improve the country' maternal and child health situation, prevent abortion, help poor families, and make the youth more responsible sexually.
3)  Foundation principle on the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church (John Paul II Encyclical on Evangelium Vitae “Gospel of Life and Laborem Exercens “Dignity of Labor”):     
  • The foundational principle of all Catholic social teachings is the sanctity of human life: an inherent dignity of the human person starting from conception through natural death. Human life must be valued infinitely above material possessions.
  • On one hand there is a growing moral sensitivity alert to the value of every individual as a human being without any distinction of race, nationality, religion, political opinion, or social class. On the other hand these proclamations are contradicted in practice. How can these solemn affirmations be reconciled with the widespread attacks on human life and the refusal to accept those who are weak, needy, elderly, or just conceived? These attacks go directly against respect for life; they threaten the very meaning of democratic coexistence, and our cities risk becoming societies of people who are rejected, marginalized, uprooted, and oppressed, instead of communities of "people living together."[40]
CFC-FFL Position vs HB 5043 as argued by the 14 Ateneo Professors:

I.  On maternal health situation and HB 5043’s being “pro-Women”:
HB 5043 Section 5 (f) states that:
 To fully implement the Reproductive Health Care Program with the following components:
(1)   Reproductive and sexual health education including but not limited to counseling on the full range of legal and medically-safe family planning methods including surgical methods;

Ethical Concerns:
-  Contraceptives are not medically safe. Pills and other injectables (as per their product literature) are known to cause hypertension, risk of breast cancer, stroke, depression, reduced bone density, toxic shock syndrome, for IUDs (copper poisoning), severe headaches, severe chest and leg pains, heavy bleeding, vaginal dryness, weight gain, limited sexual pleasure, etc. 

Moreover, some contraceptives prevent the implantation of the fertilized egg, thus, causing an abortion. This is why many of these contraceptives are known to be abortifacients.
-  On Sterilization: Ligation and Vasectomy.
Incidences of greater risk of hysterectomy and lowered libido for women. About 50% of men who undergo a vasectomy will develop anti-sperm antibodies.In essence, their bodies will come to recognize their own sperm as “the enemy.” This could lead to a higher incidence of autoimmune disease. Several studies have noted that men who undergo a vasectomy have a higher incidence of developing prostate cancer. (by Chris Kahlenborn, MD and Ann Moell, MD)
-  The bill cannot be pro-life because of many sections in the bill that promote harm than health, promote injustice rather than a greater good, and respect for the solemn union of spouses in marriage.
- There are situations where women who are forced to have sex by abusive men, specially those who are psychologically impaired, alcoholic or drug-abusers. Maternal health cannot be achieved in this regard with women who suffer from this kind of abuse by promoting contraceptives, specially with its side-effects.
-  The consequences derived from the historical background that the widespread distribution of oral contraceptives beginning in the 1960s facilitated the onset of the so-called “sexual revolution” that evolved a few years later with the legalization of abortion in 1974. (The sexual revolution brought about a radical change in the moral standards of sexual behavior, even opened the doors to promiscuity, that was supported by the release of the birth control pill.) 

-  Since some contraceptives are abortifacients, then the practice of contraceptives opens the window to the practice of abortion on demand.
CFC-FFL Position:
We advocate that Responsible parenthood and natural family planning (NFP) as guided by our Mother Church, when given in a Christian environment, as a family goes through Christian formation, provided that they are in a sustainable support group like the CFC-FFL households, offers a long term solution because of its adherence to moral principles and a just social environment.

NFP helps a woman manage her fertility. Every woman is unique. NFP helps a woman appreciate her God-given fertility and allows for better communication and enrichment of spousal relationship.
Thus, CFC-FFL advocates for a strong married life and supports this in its evangelization thrusts of providing a support environment where a married couple is able to learn, appreciate and live-out an authentic Christian family life, where the number of children they can raise in the ways of the Lord, are properly discerned. 
II.  On Child health and Responsible Teen Sexuality
HB 5043 SEC. 12.  Mandatory Age-Appropriate Reproductive Health Education. – recognizing the importance of reproductive rights in empowering the youth and developing them into responsible adults, Reproductive Health Education in an age-appropriate manner shall be taught by adequately trained teachers starting from Grade 5 up to Fourth Year High School. 
a.  Attitudes, beliefs and values on sexual development, sexual behavior and sexual health;

b.  Use and application of natural and modern family planning methods to promote reproductive health, achieve desired family size and prevent unwanted, unplanned and mistimed pregnancies;

HB 5043 SEC. 21.  Prohibited Acts.
(No. 3) Refuse to provide reproductive health care services to an abused minor, whose abused condition is certified by the proper official or personnel of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) or to duly DSWD-certified abused pregnant minor on whose case no parental consent is necessary.
Ethical Concerns:
-  The existing Philippine State Sex Education programs already include messages that inculcate population control such as on the perils of having more than two children. It includes the application of condoms and contraceptives. Based on the books that are being used in the elementary level, some Science books include graphic and explicit discussions of the human reproductive system and the sexual act itself which in the minds of the parents would not be  appropriate for children whose age range from ten to eleven. (Comprehensive Review made by Filipina Ranada of Pro-Life Philippines)
-  Constant exposure of children to sexual acts and discussions desensitizes their innate nature for repugnance and shame, that helps preserve the virtues of chastity and purity, which protects their regard for marriage as the proper venue for sex as a private, intimate and sacred act.
-  Sex education allows young people to decide on moral issues without considering God.  

-  Experience of the USA based on Focus on the Family data: As the safe-sex ideology has been taught in the US schools, the rates of unwed pregnancy and abortion among teens have skyrocketed. A comprehensive study conducted by Stan Weed and Joseph Olson at the Institute for Research and Evaluation confirms that the Planned Parenthood approach actually worsens, rather than lessens, the problem of adolescent sexuality. 

CFC-FFL Position:
-  CFCFFL is to harness the innocence of the young into nurturing virtues and preparing them to discern on the kind of vocation that they may be called by Our Lord: whether for the priesthood, religious life, blessed single life or married life. Their sexuality will be formed in the ways of the Lord, away from hedonism, moral relativism and secular humanism. 

 III.  On the Bill being “Pro-poor”

SEC. 23. Appropriations. – The amounts appropriated in the current annual General Appropriations Act for reproductive health and family planning under the DOH and POPCOM together with ten percent (10%) of the Gender and Development (GAD) budgets of all government  departments, agencies, bureaus, offices and instrumentalities funded in the annual General Appropriations Act in accordance with Republic Act No. 7192 (Women in Development and Nation-building Act) and Executive Order No. 273 (Philippine Plan for Gender Responsive Development 1995-2025) shall be allocated and utilized for the implementation of this Act.  Such additional sums as may be necessary for the effective implementation of this Act shall be included in the subsequent years’ General Appropriations Acts.
Ethical Concerns:

-  Availability of essential medicines is rarely complete in the local health centers, yet the bill seeks to reclassify contraceptives in the category of essential medicines. Essential medicines are for common wounds, diseases and viruses. Pregnancy does not in any way fall in any of these common wounds and diseases. Why should contraceptives be reclassified as an essential medicine, specially to be given to the poor?
-  Caritas Manila, the Social Arm of the Archdiocese of Manila has classified the priority issues of the poor as: housing and land tenure, restorative justice, livelihood and employment and family and life issues. The budget appropriation of HB 5043 does not in any way support these priority issues of the poor. Therefore the proposed budget appropriation of HB 5043 is an indiscriminate misappropriation of meager government funds that should be directed towards the above priority issues of the poor.

CFC-FFL Position:

CFC-FFL seeks to share its mission of renewal of families and the defense of life in solidarity with the poor. In this regard, CFCFFL will seek to address the Church defined priority issues of the poor as much as its resources can provide. Paramount to delivering services for the poor will be guided by the foundation principle of the Social Teachings of the Church which is its regard for the sanctity of life. 

CFC-FFL sees this position of the 14 Ateneo Professors as lacking in foundational circumspect on the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church and therefore should not be regarded as basis for winning public opinion on its claim that HB 5043 adheres to the Social teachings of the Church.

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From: CFCFFL Home Office <>
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2008 10:25:51 AM
Subject: CFC-FFL Canada Statement re HB5034

Equally concerned, CFC-FFL Canada comes out with its  own statement regarding HB5034.   Please pass this around to your circles of influence.

(Reproductive Health and Population Development Bill)
To: The Members of the Congress of Philippines
We, members of the Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life in Canada (CFC-FFL Canada), strongly oppose the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill (HB5043).  We are very much concerned for our relatives, friends as well as all the citizens of the Philippines, which we still consider our homeland.  We are therefore calling all members of the Philippine Congress to stop the deliberation and totally scrap the HB 5043.
While you deem that this bill is intended to improve the lives of women, children and the poor and address the Filipino’s need to manage fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, there is no known evidence to support it.
Moreover, we see that countries who have enacted a law similar to HB 5043 have failed miserably to attain such objectives.
If this law is enacted, we can be guaranteed that we are headed for a culture of promiscuity. There will be more and more broken families in our society and this will make the women, children and the poor among us the outright victims.
Medical findings tell us that all methods of contraception at a certain time may fail to prevent pregnancy because of flaws in method or through misuse. This will only lead to many unwanted pregnancies and the outright victims are our women especially the young.   In addition, hormonal methods of contraception may actually cause abortion at the earliest stage of pregnancy due to the chemical interaction of the drugs on the lining of the uterus.  This could result in surgical abortion which endangers the very life of women.  We therefore conclude that “contraception kills life and it promotes selfishness and sexual irresponsibility!”

We are afraid that medical practitioners who will be at the forefront of promoting and implementing this bill will not give proper education to their subjects about the ill effects of contraception to their bodies.

If this bill is passed, we are also afraid that in the next year or so, another law that will be detrimental to the citizens such as legalization of abortion, will be presented again to the Philippine Congress.  Hence, one law leading to another that violates life and a person’s freedom to a dignified life will ensue.

We strongly urge you to use government resources and power to enact laws that respect life from its inception and promote the dignity of a human person instead of using them to implement HB 5043.

We strongly urge you that, as lawmakers of our country, to leave us a legacy of a government and a constitution that will promote, protect and respect each and every Filipino’s right to live a dignified life based on our faith in God.

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From: CFCFFL Home Office <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2008 8:59:21 PM
Subject: CFC-FFL Europe Ad of October 15 & 16, 2008 re HB5043

CFC-FFL Europe, concerned with the latest developments in the Philippines, comes out with its  own ad regarding HB5043. This ad will be published on page 8 of the October 15, 2008 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. It will appear once more on the same page of the October 16, 2008 issue of the Philippine Star.  Please inform your circles of influence.


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From: CFCFFL Home Office <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 1, 2008 7:12:54 PM
Subject: CFC-FFL Pro-Life Series No. 7 - "NOVENA PRAYER"

Renewing the Family and Defending Life


Let us all come together to pray this novena daily for the non-passage of HB 5043 – as individuals, as a family, and as a community - until October 8 when the final deliberation in Congress will be done.  May we continue to be a community committed to defend family and life.


O my God, be with us during this time of prayer, and help us to pray in accordance with Your will.  Open our eyes to see the truth, and enable our hearts to always give a generous “yes” to You, the Author of Life.  

We pray that the Reproductive Health Bill will be soundly defeated in the Philippines!  O Lord, we praise You for the courage You have given to the Bishops, priests, religious, and lay people to speak up for Life.  Please work powerfully through their words, and use them to convict the hearts of men and women about the sanctity of Life... the sanctity of marriage... and the privilege of cooperating with You to give birth to eternal souls through the marvel of procreation.  

We ask Your mercy and forgiveness for those who are working to have this dangerous law approved forgive them, Father, “for they know not what they do.”  Please break through the walls of their consciences, and give them the grace to grasp the truth about Life, and to see the terrible implications of this Reproductive Health Bill.  We pray that the Philippine nation will never reject You and Your holy laws, but would instead become an even brighter light to continue to pierce the spiritual darkness of Asia by strengthening the Culture of Life among its people.

Lord, from a human viewpoint, there is so little that we can do to help defeat this bill in Congress.  But You are the King of kings and Lord of lords, and so we come to You today in our weakness, offering You our prayers and our physical and spiritual sacrifices on behalf of those who are working for Truth and Life in the Philippines.  Strengthen them, Lord, in this time of battle, and give them renewed courage and patience.  May they have the grace to always speak Your truth in love.  Please protect them from attitudes of judgment or superiority, and instead, fill them with humility, and with faith in Your victory over sin and death.  And please grant us perseverance to continue to uphold them spiritually.  

We praise You, Lord, for Your love and mercy, and pray that this spiritual battle being fought in the Philippines (and all over the world) would serve to focus the hearts of men and women upon You, and that Your glory would be revealed as Your people go forth to proclaim Your lordship over Life.   We love

You Lord, and thank You for hearing our prayers and answering them in accordance with Your Will.   We offer them in union with Your Blessed Mother, and it is in Jesus’ name we pray. 


Note:  Please pray the Rosary for nine consecutive days for this intention.

(Courtesy of  CFCFI Europe)

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From: CFCFFL Home Office <>
Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008 8:10:17 PM
Subject: CFC-FFL Europe Statement on HB5043

 (CFC-FFL Europe)
Statement On HB5043
We, the members of Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life in Europe (CFC-FFL Europe) are very distressed about the contents of the Reproductive Health Bill currently being discussed by the Congress of the Philippines.  Many of us in CFC-FFL Europe were born and raised in the Philippines, and still consider it our homeland, although we are currently living abroad.  Others of us are Europeans who have developed an emotional bond with the Philippines, due to the love and regard which our Filipino brethren rightly have for their motherland.  We see how the Culture of Death is running rampant in Europe, and as a result, there is so little respect for God, for the Church, for the family, for sexuality  Europe has exchanged Christianity for secularism, and is now at serious risk of eventual annihilation because its citizens are aggressively contracepting and aborting themselves out of existence.    WE DON’T WANT THIS FOR THE PHILIPPINES!!
One of the greatest Filipino treasures is strong family ties, built upon fidelity to God and the sacrament of marriage.  We consider life a tremendous gift from God, even in the presence of poverty.  We know that individually and corporately, we have fallen short of God’s call for sanctity, and yet we know that just as He does not abandon us, we must never abandon Him.  But that is exactly what we would be doing if we accept legislation such as HB5043 we would be turning from God to worship the idols of the West, and opening the Philippines to the plethora of evils that come from enacting laws which originate with an anti-life mentality.  We know this is true because we see it all around us in the dying cultures of Europe.    
In unity with our physical and spiritual brethren in the Philippines, we in CFC-FFL Europe want to express our conviction that Reproductive Health Bill HB5043 is bad legislation-- it is bad for the Philippines and bad for Filipinos.  Although many of the items mentioned in the bill may sound harmless on the surface, we believe (based on the experience of other formerly pro-life countries) that these same points of law would later be used as a wedge by anti-life forces to drive a crack, and then eventually an irreparable breach, in the rights which are currently enshrined in the Constitution of the Philippines, such as the equal protection of the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception; the right of spouses to found a family in accordance with their religious convictions and the demands of responsible parenthood; and the natural and primary right and duty of parents in the development of the moral character of their children, to name just a few.  We agree that “the path of irresponsible legislation is a dreadful path:  If an act is made legal, it will be perceived as moral.  If an act is perceived as moral, it will become a norm.  If it is observed by all as a norm, then it is too late.  By then, you will have changed the culture.  That is not simply reckless.  It is the ultimate breach of public trust.” (Attorney Jo Imbong)      WE DON’T WANT THIS FOR THE PHILIPPINES!!
Although we are currently living thousands of miles away from the Philippines, we in CFC-FFL Europe want to unite our hearts and actions with our brethren--clergy and laity, politicians and constituents--who are fighting the passage of HB5043.  We have committed ourselves to offer a Novena of prayer and sacrifice to help fortify the Culture of Life in the Philippines against this thinly veiled attack.  With trust in God, and accompanied by our Blessed Mother, we pray:  
“Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”

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From: Easter Group <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 3:09:14 PM
Subject: CFC-FFL Pro-Life Series No. 3 - "CFC-FFL OPPOSES HB 5043"

Renewing the Family and Defending Life

We have just come out with our first CFC-FFL Pro-Life advertisement in the 2 major newspapers in the country. We are opposing the Philippines Legislators' pending House Bill No. 5043, entitled :    
We are opposing this bill because of many anti-family and anti-life elements. Beginning with this ad, we will continue to post through our CFC-FFL website the other objectionable and unreasonable sections. 
As Catholics and as responsible citizens of this country, let us all come together and pray that this Bill does not pass. Xavy Padilla and the other full-time workers are leading the mobilization of CFC-FFL's presence at all the Plenary hearings that are expected to run until October 08, 2008. All other Church groups and various civil sectors are rallying together to prevent this bill from passing.
As of last night's hearing at the plenary session, in the House of Congress, we received a report from the Legal Head of the Catholic Bishops' Conference that the women legislators took the floor:
Atty. Jo Imbong reported through a text message:
" Congresswomen Lisa Masa, Darlene Antonino and Baraquel spoke. Same arguments-unsafe abortion. Mothers die at childbirth. Poverty. Resumes tomorrow. Interpolations might start. Continue Masses and Rosaries. Let us hold on until Oct 10 when Congress starts recess."
Read the bill and also express your opinions about it. Tell your family, members, friends about the issues and educate people about the horrors of this bill. Educate yourself about Pro-Life issues:
 1) Invite Ed Sorreta, head of our Pro-Life Formation Committee, or Peggy Burgoyne or any Teodora member, to give our Pro-Life talks in your area;
2) Read the Papal Encyclicals on Evangelium Vitae, Humanae Vitae and Familiaris Consortio;
3) If you are in the Philippines, write to the Congressman of your district, expressing your family's disagreement to this bill. Log on to www. to get the name and contact details of your Congressman.
4) Call Xavy Padilla and the CFC-FFL Home Office at 718-2213 on how to join the delegation of Pro-Lifers in Congress.
Let us continue to ask for the intercession of Our Lady in defense of life!!!

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From: Easter Group <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 5:34:38 PM
Subject: CFC-FFL Pro-Life Series No. 1 - "WHAT IS WRONG WITH SEC. 12 OF HB 5043"

Renewing the Family and Defending Life

SEC. 12 of HB 5043.  Mandatory Age-Appropriate Reproductive Health Education. – recognizing the importance of reproductive rights in empowering the youth and developing them into responsible adults, Reproductive Health Education in an age-appropriate manner shall be taught by adequately trained teachers starting from Grade 5 up to Fourth Year High School.  

What is wrong with this Section of RH 5043?

1)      Grade 5 (10-11 years old) and 4th Year High School (approximately 15-16 years old)

          This is the Latency Period in the Psychosexual development of a child: 

The fourth stage of psychosexual development in psychoanalytic theory, from about five years to puberty, during which a child apparently represses sexual urges and prefers to associate with members of the same sex. [American Heritage Dictionary] The stage begins around the time that children enter into school and become more concerned with peer relationships, hobbies, and other interests. The latent period is a time of exploration in which the sexual energy is still present, but it is directed into other areas such as intellectual pursuits and social interactions. This stage is important in the development of social and communication skills and self-confidence. [Freud's Stages of  Psychosexual Development]

2)       From Familiaris Consortio:

Pope John Paul II refers to this time as the years of innocence (Fam. Consot. Para. 36). They deserve to have their innocence protected.

 the family is the securest forum through which to present delicate matters of  sexuality.  Sex education is not just another form of catechetical instruction, nor  does it qualify as education in the strictest term.  Education in these delicate matters must be very gradual and only the parent can ascertain where the child is at.”

In (Para. 36) "The right and duty of parents to give education is essential, since it is connected with the transmission of human life;  it is original and primary with regard to the educational role of others, on account of the uniqueness of the loving relationship between parents and children;  and it is irreplaceable and inalienable, and  therefore incapable of being entirely delegated to others or usurped by others.”
Contributed by:  


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From: Easter Group <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 2:20:53 PM
Subject: CFC-FFL Pro-Life Series No. 2 - "CFC-FFL AD on HB 5043"

Renewing the Family and Defending Life

CFCFFL AD on HB 5043
1. As employers, do you agree to be compelled to provide free reproductive health care services, supplies, devices and surgical procedures (including vasectomy and ligation) to your employees, and be subjected to both imprisonment and/or a fine, for every time that you fail to comply?

Section 17 states that employers shall provide for free delivery of reproductive health care services, supplies and devices to all workers more particularly women workers. (read the Definition of Reproductive Health and Rights Section 4, paragraph g, Section 21, Paragraph c and Section 22 on Penalties)

2. As health care service providers, do you agree that you should be subjected to imprisonment and/or a fine, if you fail to provide reproductive health care services such as giving information on family planning methods and providing services like ligation and vasectomy, regardless of the patient's civil status, gender, religion or age?

(Read Section 21 on Prohibited Acts, Letter a, Paragraph 1 to 5 and Section 22 on Penalties)

3. As a spouse, do you agree that your husband or wife can undergo a vasectomy or litigation without your consent or knowledge?

(Read Section 21 on Prohibited Acts, Letter a, Paragraph 2)

4. As parents, do you agree that children from age 10 to 17 should be taught their sexual rights and the means to have a satisfying and "safe" sex life as part of their school curriculum?

Reproductive Health Education will be mandatory from Grade 5 to the end of High School (See Section 12 on Reproductive Health Education  and Section 4 Definition of Family Planning and Productive Health, Paragraph b,c and d)

5. Do you agree that you should be subjected to imprisonment and/or pay a fine, for expressing an opinion against any provision of this law, if such expression of opinion is interpreted as constituting "malicious disinformation"? 

(See Section 21 on Prohibited Acts, Paragraph f and Section 22 on Penalties)

If you answered No to any of the questions above, then you are not for Reproductive Health Bill No. 5043. Read the bill.

You will find more objectionable provisions such as losing our parental authority over a minor child who was raped and found pregnant (Section 21, a, no.3), reclassifying contraceptives as essential medicines (Section 10) and appropriating limited government funds to reproductive services instead of basic services (Section 23).

Protect our families. Protect our children. Dump Reproductive Health Bill No. 5043.

For more information on how you can oppose the Reproductive Health Bill, go to <>

Couples for Christ Foundation, Inc.
Renewing the Family and Defending Life

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Renewing the Family and Defending Life